Antenna Experiments

6m Dipole

Dipole made with a aluminium crutch set. Made FT8 and MSK contacts.
SWR 1:1 in the lower part of the band.

First SSB QSO's with WK4V (FL), VE3ZXN, and KD4ESV (FL) on March 31, 2020 - Great band opening that evening.

20m Delta Loop

Made many DX with this antenna and 100 W only.
SWR is 1:1 across the entire 20m band.

2m/70cm Tape Meter

Made my first satellite QSO via EO-88 on 2020-02-20 with KE4BKL in SSB with this antenna. Low SWR in the satellite frequencies.

Mini whip PA0RDT antenna

Active antenna for 0 to 30 MHz, is feed with 12 VDC from the shack

This is a great receive-only antenna. Left board is the antenna itself, right board is the power-over-coax 12 VDC feeding and antenna output to the receiver. Mainly used with RTL-SDR dongle.

9:1 UnUn

Using this with a long wire off-center dipole for bands from 80 to 10 meters

DIY Vertical

Base loading coil with vertical whip and ground plane radials